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“Do you want to travel around the world and need a passport? I, together with my partner, Mentor Kovaci, and my collaborator, Swapnil Vairagade, can help you! We can offer you an International Cultural Passport!”

We live in a digital world, when everything is possible with a simple click. Everything around us has changed, so we need to reevaluate the options we have in order to move forward. 6 months ago I thought that an International Cultural Passport is a chance to travel and meet people and places, traditions and customs, so I decided to initiate this collaborative project. Thus, I had the chance to meet new people, beautiful people at heart, people with a wonderful character, people who are my partners in this project today. For 6 months, together with them, I traveled to different countries, such as: India, Palestine, Malaysia, Vietnam, Georgia, Greece, Romania and more. We all learned new things, we discovered the culture, traditions and customs of these people, thanks to the presentations made every month by students and teachers from these countries. Thus, we had the chance to get to know colorful India, through the diversity of festivals that are celebrated there. In Georgia we discovered the dark but enchanting caves that attract tourists every year. We discovered the won ders of Malaysia, Vietnam, Greece, Palestine, Romania and many other countries, which are real tourist destinations. What could be more beautiful than to have such a virtual experience? We are in the middle of the project, and already we, as teachers, but also our students, feel richer spiritually and intellectually. But another 6 months will follow, so our experiences will be much more! Dear reader, if I haven't convinced you yet, I suggest you join our Facebook group, where you will be able to see for yourself how wonderful this p r o j e c t i s ! ( We are waiting for you to join us in an experience you will never forget! All we can offer you is an… International Cultural Passport.

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