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"Our heroes and monuments " - ICP

Intentional Cultural Passport Cultural heritage is the physical heritage of artif a c t s a n d o b j e c t s (attributes) of a group or society which are inherited from past generations to present generations for the purpose of caring for the good of future generations. Cultural heritage includes cultural property also known as material culture such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art and various objects (spiritual culture (such as folklore, traditions, language and traditional knowledge), as well as natural heritage by including important cultural landscapes. Today's presentations at the zoom meeting were impressive by both teachers and students from India and Georgia. Getting to know their places, heroes and monuments, in this meeting we learned many beautiful things. Thank you for your work. All the teachers who participated in the project and did not manage to introduce them. Thank you. The aim of the project is to get to know as many different countries and cultures as possible.

Thank you !

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