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"Cuisines of My Country" - ICP

“What a savoury treat to travel virtually around the world with the International Cultural Passport in April, 2021. These monthly ICP meeting is organized by the great educators, founder of ICT,Ms. Corina Sujdea, And, Mr. Mentor Kovaçi And The Collaborator, Mr. Swapnil Vairagade”

You may find when you travel to some countries, your food experiences will definitely have an influence on your travel experience. On Saturday, April 24, the ICT community members had great pleasure to travel to Malaysia, India, and Taiwan for an extraordinary savoury feast for their country cuisines. These countries no doubt have the most delicious dishes on earth. Which are the top foods you must eat and try when you travel to these countries? Let‘s get started from Malaysia. Malaysia If you could only travel to one country for different cultural cuisines, you may start with Malaysia. Malaysia is without adoubt a must visit country if you‘re looking for multicultural delicious tasting cuisines. Within the colorfulness and richness of Malaysia cuisines; Malaysia dishes origins are related closely from India with influence from Asian and Chinese dishes. Malaysia is well-known for its multi ethnicities, so are their foods. In this meeting, Ms. Malini and her students are presenting three major foods from their cultural groups in her country: The first is Malay foods. The special one Nasi Lemark is originated from Malay cuisines and consists of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and panda leave. ( bamboo). Found in Malaysia where it is considered as a national dish. You can‘t miss it. The second is Chinese cuisines. There are some selections of Chinese traditional foods: dumplings, fried rice. And on the top is the Congee, which is considered as some kind of rice porridge. You can add meat and fish to cook And it is often served with side dishes. The third one is Malaysian Indian fusion foods. Some Malaysian Indian foods consist of adaptation of authentic foods from India. It is also an original creation inspired by the diverse food culture of Malaysia. Cuisines in Malaysia will not bore you; Please do have a little bit of everything when you travel to Malaysia. India Mr. Ambarsing Magar is truly an expert of India cuisines. India is at the top of the list of countries that have delicious, mouthwatering, and often spicy foods. Indian food is often labelled as the best cuisine in the world, fusing a number of spices and ultimately forming rich curries with a delicious, spicy pepper taste. The Maharashtrian Foods come from so many cultural flavors.

No matter what kind of deserts, fruits and vegetables, they are ready to serve. Also we can‘t forget the rice, it‘s one of the fundamental products of Indian dishes as well. You will be overwhelmed with Indian cooks committed to flavour who have no rules for spice usage. This time we all have delicious memories in India. Taiwan After the feast of cuisines, we all come to Taiwan, the tropical island to have a bite of the delicious foods and juicy fruits. Ms.Ming Yao showed a beautiful video to illustrate the beauty of Formosa and a brief introduction about how to eat in Taiwan In Taiwan, people like to eat with friends and family. We like to share foods when are together. We use chopsticks to eat with, and we like a cup of tea after meals. After the meals, sweet sour juicy fruits on our plate will be devine. There is no better way to spend a hot summer day with a drink of bubble milk teas. A Mango shaved ice cream, or a big plate of sweet creamy soft sugar apples definitely will refresh your sensational taste.

There is no better way to experience the unique cultural diversities by understand their foods in different cultures .Many people will choose their travel destinations based on food interests. The ICP presenters from Romania, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India may become your first step to begin your food discovery around the world..

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