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Teaching English to Young Learners through ART

Teaching kids is another world where the teacher is not as a teacher but a magical creator and a kid at the same time. She thinks and acts like a child to make her kids behave the most famous creators in the world. While teaching English to kids, Teacher deals with not only language activities but also any other field or knowledge to create interest in learning. Art enables to feel the world and express in another foreign language. It contributes to plan and to have more interesting lesson full of fun and joy, creativity and motivation.

Preschool age is the age when kids remember and learn better through visual images, movement, games, etc. Due to these all activities they learn a foreign language better. Learning English at Ramagya School in Daddri, kindergarten’s kids learn English through Art. Every topic includes materials, vocabulary and games, drawing, art crafts at the same time. Kids learn the language speaking and singing, drawing and making different crafts. For example “My hero’s funny face” activity where kids learnt the parts of body and face through drawing. They followed the instructions of teacher and tried to draw the face of their hero Kids have fun while listening and repeating the words, making up sentences or drawing and naming the objects.

Every lesson contains different sides of art and crafts which gives an opportunity to develop their English speaking skills and provides psychological involvement cooperation and communication in a positive atmosphere. Sometimes lessons are connected to the holidays and kids are able to make cards or draw and decorate something for their mothers and family members Art and language make the lessons more creative and inspiring. They learn while drawing, singing or dancing, etc.

It enhances to know the world connecting knowledge and creativity.

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