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English is E123!

Learning a foreign language is a way to open up your horizons and to get to know more about different cultures and civilizations. Doing so in a fun and interesting way, can only have positive results.

Communication has been a human skill ever since the prehistoric era. It started non-verbally and it gradually evolved to the various forms it has today. All through these years, one feature remained prominent: the need to communicate the thoughts, emotions, feelings and desires of human beings. The necessity of having some common ground resulted in choosing the English language as the one to be used worldwide. This is the main reason why numerous non-native speakers learn English as a second language, even from a really young age.

This was the main goal of our eTwinning project ‘’ English is E123’’; to make our young students realize the importance of learning a foreign language though simple, collaborative and game based activities carried out with their peers from different European countries! Our students expressed their creativity, shared their interests and got together during online meetings, making the most out of an educational experience.

Our project partners came from primary schools from Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Serbia and Greece. What we all aimed at was to make our students more extrovert, help them build on their communicative skills and teach English in a non-traditional way, based on real-life situations that involve communication (online meetings) and being members of an open and relaxed community. I couldn’t be more proud for my 4th grade students from the 4th Primary school of Karpenissi, who did their best and succeeded so much during this school year!

All eTwinning partners planned and carried out collaborative activities, regarding issues that have to do with the students’ interests, such as sports, animals, indoor and outdoor games and of course their dream school. The later activity was planned to celebrate Europe day 2022, on 9th May.

We would like to share with you our project’s home page: Here you can find games, presentations and all the material we created during our project. If you click on the following links you can see our common products.

1. Sports

2. Animals: three videos plus a game to them

3. Indoor and Outdoor Games

4. My dream school

We hope you enjoy the material we shared with you and always remember that learning becomes simpler when you share it with good friends!

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