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How to help

   The K.I.D.S. Foundation is working to promote the skills and innovation of needy students.  Under this, we have a "Reuse an old phone for Education" project at present.  Under this initiative, you can donate your old mobile, laptop, P.C., T.V. or any educational digital device to our organization.

Award winner

      Everyone who contributes to the Kids Foundation will receive a sapling from the Kids Foundation's Green Earth initiative.


Kids Festival
    Coming soon 


Latest project -

Reuse an old phone for Education

Adding old mobiles, TVs, laptops, CPUs, educational digital devices, which are in working condition but not in use, to provide needy students for online education.  Through this initiative there are many students who do not have mobile TV laptop CPU any of these digital devices so they cannot take online education.  This initiative is a helping hand for them.

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