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Young Innovator of  Indian Military School

As a Science teacher I always discuss various problems with students which we are facing today. One day we were discussing about Indian Railways. While discussing about Indian railways , I told them about the accidents on no man railway crossing . I also discussed about the garbage problem on railways track , problem of sanitation when train stop at railway station, Generation of electricity . Students took interest in the above mentioned discussion.

One students thought positively on the above problems and he wished to make a project to solve this problem. He discussed his Idea with me and Mr. Ashish Salve . Healthy discussion was going on. Name of that students is Cad . Shantanu Asode . Though the student was from rural area he was very much interested in innovative thinking . He started his work with the help of me and Mr. Ashish Salve.

Cad. Shantanu Asode decided to make the model,

1) To check on the accident due to unman railway crossing.

2) To avoid the manmade mistake.

3) To avoid the heavy traffic beside railway crossing.

4) To save the public time, which awaiting railway gate.

5) To minimize the tress on Indian economy.

6) to generate the electricity.

7) To clean the railway track.

8) To solve the problem of sanitation on railway track when train is stop on station.

Detailed of the Invitation

1) The circuit dependents on the principle of weight in that He used copper plate as a sensor No.1 which is placed 5 to 7 km away from gate which is attached with the battery. When the train passes from the sensor no 1 i.e copper plate , it becomes gives weight on the copper plate and circuit is closed and by that the rotor no. 1 and rotor no 2 is rotated and insure gate is closed after a specific interval of time with siren , indicator and timer with all this induction people will come to know about the arrival of train they will also know about the time that train will take to arrived at the gate, this will help to avoid the possibilities of accident. When train passes from the sensor no. 2 i.e copper plate attached with the battery , which is 5 to 7 km away from the crossing then circuit is again opened hence rotor will directed the gate to open.

2) With the help of kinetic energy of wheels of train He generate electricity, for that he use gear no. 1 and gear no. 2 beside railway wheels in attach to the dynamo. Which work under the electromagnetic induction to generate electricity and electricity store in the battery and which all can use for many purpose on the platform.

3) As Honorable Prime Minister’s appeal for “ SWACHHA BHARAT ABHIYAN” He think on that point also and use the suction pump in the last bogie of the train which suck all the plastic on the railway track. Which will be recycle and track will be clean.

4) In Support to this he make an arrangement for sanitation. When the speed of the train will come 20 km/hr. the plate attached to the sanitary duck will closed automatically so the excreta of passengers will not fall down and deposited on the plate and when the speed of the train grater than 30 km/hr. the plate will open automatically and excreta will fall down away from the station which will be great help in maintain the cleanliness of the station, public health and environment.

He had been working on this project for four months. He collected information from various available sources. Time to time he took help from me and Mr. Ashish Salve . At last the model was ready. He named the model Modern Technology In Indian Railway”.

We decided to present this model in various science exhibition. We start our journey from Taluka to State and State to National level Competition. He was praised at National level. It gave us energy and hopes to participate in CIASC( CSIR Innovation Award for School Children) competition organized by CSIR New Delhi. In this competition he honored with second Prize. It was great honored for Shantanu because 2016 was the Platinum Jubilee Function of CSIR . Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi specially praised Shantanu for his innovative project. He was awarded by Dr. Harshavardhan. It was great honor for Shantanu , Me , Mr. Ashish Salve and Indian Military School.

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