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"Worldchat" platform for teachers and students worldwide

Dear colleagues, Education is a secure pedagogical platform for providing authentic speaking situations to students around the world.

It was initiated by English teacher Anne-Marie Lafortune from Canada. Teachers worldwide bring together two students of similar interests, age and level of English, and students then themselves, on the said platform, arrange and hold five meetings with students from another country.  In the meeting, they are always alone with their "match", and the meetings are recorded for security reasons, but the teacher has an insight into student videos and correspondence at all times. Meetings are topic-led, ie students are given pre-interview questions for each meeting.  After the meeting, they should write a report according to the given guidelines, which, after the meetings, will be evaluated according to the pre-designed rubric.

Some students are motivated by meeting peers from another part of the world, some by practicing English, some by getting a good grade. Nevertheless, I think that any motivation is good.  🤓

My students enjoy the experience;  yesterday one student told me that participating in Worldchat is one of the best decisions of her life.  😀

* Here is their short promo video:

* And this is the private FB group for teachers:

You are welcome to join!  🤗

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