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At present, the prevalence of Corona virus is increasing and the world is suffering from it. Pollution free environment is the only effective way to prevent such viruses. With this in mind, I'm started an international project called World Wide Green Project. Goal of this Project is Planting, Conserving and survival of above 1 million (10 lakhs) trees by 2025 Over the world. This Project can join ( 5 to 18 ) years old Students This is a zero budget project. There is no fee to register this project. There is no cost to implement this project. For the last four or five years, I am interacting with his students from different countries. Im works to convince the students of the importance of environmental protection and tree conservation from an early age.

This is Collaborative Project. The project purpose is to connecting the world wide students by their teachers, guideline and teach the importance of Tree plantations, and Importance of save plants. it's neccessary for students future life. So if we are going to convince them now this time their future will be become a bright and secure It's will become a great and strong army for the future Pollution controlled.

The World Wide Green Project, an international project started by me, has now reached 25 countries.

To work with the project, I was appointed Corina, a teacher from Romania, as Project Co-founder, and teachers from 25 other countries as project coordinators. These include India, Romania, Malaysia, Russia, Nepal, Iraq, Italy, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Palestine, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Albania, Tunisia, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Jordan, Azerbaijan. These are the countries.

In addition, teachers from many other countries are joining. The project works through Microsoft Flipgrild, Skype, and Wakelet, Google forms. Teachers who joined the project and implemented the project in their school are honored with a project caption certificate. Students who participate in the project are honored with a certificate as a project soldier.

In this project each student has to complete a 6 week program. In last week virtual session and announce the name (World Wide Green Project Soldier) to these students with Certificate. Along with this project, we will carry out various activities for the students and organize educational exchange programs for students and teachers from different countries.

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