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Two Endangered Species find shelter in GREECE - Georgia Maneta

“Unfortunately, a lot of animal and plant species have become extinct (disappeared) which meanς that our planet has become poorer… BUT…there is hope… People have realized the harm they have done and are trying to help Earth. How? By protecting the animals, their shelters, their babies.”

Hello!! Do you know what “endangered species” means? No? Well, an endangered species is a type of animal/plant which is in danger of stopping to exist on Earth! Is this serious? Yes, it is because WE all (humans, animals, plants) are united like chain links. If a link goes (stops existing), then the chain breaks. This chain is called “ecosystem” and people must make sure that is doesn’t break.

In Greece, there are two centers which provide protection to two species of sea animals.

The first one is on the island of Zakynthos and provides shelter to the Loggerhead (Caretta-Caretta turtle). Loggerheads can be up to 1.20 metres long and 140 kilos (they can be huge, no?). They lay about 120 eggs in the summer months and put them in the sand to be warm. The volunteers of the Marine Park of Zakynthos make sure that the eggs are safe from the tourists and the noise. This is why they put special signs on specific places on Zakynthos beaches so that people don’t go there. When baby turtles are born, they try to go to the sea following the sounds (their mum is not there) (their mum is not there). Not ALL of them survive, either because of birds which eat them, or because the waves are really strong for them. However, the volunteers and the environmentalists are there for them and, fortunately, most of the baby turtles go back in the sea safe and read to start the long journey. You can watch a video on baby turtles here: (BBC Video) and here:

Let’s go now to another island of Greece, Alonissos. It is not a very touristy island BUT it has a secret: it provides shelter to the Meditarranean Monk Seal (Scientific name: Monachus Monachus). Today we know that there are only about 400-500 seals of this species around the world and 2/3 of this number live in Greece. This type of seal is the largest seal in the world (it can reach 3 metres in length and can weigh up to 250 kilos!). Wouldn’t you be sad to learn that this amazing seal has become extinct? So, on the island of Alonissos there is a National Marine Park whose aim is to protect the Mediterranean Monk seal and its habitat as well as other rare and threatened species. People in the Marine Park also try to inform the public (visitors) about the need to protect the environment, to educate the students and to guard the area! How cool is that?? You can have a look at the park website here: and a video of a seal swimming next to a person here:

Always remember:

“Beauty is in ALL animals and plants around us! Protect them! We need them!”

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