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Tips according to Macedonian researcher Academician Dr. Sc. Dragan Jovanov in the fight against can

  • - Be careful after irradiating the skin. Do not rub it, expose it to the sun, or wear tight clothing

  • - Aloe vera ointment soothes and does not irritate the skin

  • - Eat light meals throughout the day instead of three large meals

  • - Try to eat cold or lukewarm food to avoid nausea

  • - If your treatment involves reducing the number of white blood cells, avoid sick people

  • - Inform your doctor about the appearance of fever or unusual symptoms

  • - In addition to using the prescribed medicine, use relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or massage in which a friend or spouse can help you.

  • - Join a support group made up of people with cancer

  • - Rest a lot

  • - Instead of feeling fearful, express your feelings honestly

  • - Contact the Cancer Society for free information on cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and advice in case of cancer symptoms

Advice according to Dragan Jovanov for prevention of cancerous diseases

- Do not smoke or chew tobacco

- Protect yourself from the sun. While you're out, use a high-protection sunscreen to protect your skin from bad ultraviolet rays

- Eat a healthy diet

- Drink alcohol in moderation, or do not drink at all

- Exercise regularly to maintain the activity of the organism

- As part of the annual systematic examination, regularly check if you have symptoms of cancer

- If you are exposed to known carcinogens at work, be sure to adhere to all safety measures

- To limit exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, avoid spray cleaning products, after using the cleaner remove the spill and wash your hands

- Wear gloves when using pesticides

- Open doors and windows when using chemicals indoors to allow vapors to escape

Nutrition tips according to Dr. Sc. Dragan Jovanov for cancer patients and those who have been cured of cancer

Eat a variety of foods that include plenty of fresh fruit, natural juices, vegetables and whole grains. So food should be reduced to healthy foods.

Avoid !!!

You should avoid processed foods, smoked, overly salty foods, fried foods and grilled foods. Give preference to lean meats and low-fat seafood. Sugar intake should be kept to a minimum, as well as fats and alcohol.


Sometimes too many bad things happen to us that we are not aware of, but we should never give up because life is a struggle, and despite that, if you have cancer, never lose hope, be optimistic. One of the biggest fighters against cancer is a strong mental state, which means that at that moment, no matter how hard you try, you have to stay strong mentally until the end. Praying to God also has a great effect on the release of the spirit and the fight against cancer. Do not think about the situation you are in, relax, read a good book, talk to your loved ones, do something that fills you, that captivates your attention, something that will make you not think badly. Talk to people who have been cured of cancer, listen carefully to how they fought, it will help you a lot in the process called fighting cancer. Because cancer treatment is difficult and laborious, you should consult your doctors more often, go to frequent check-ups often to make sure you are healthy. Use the recommended therapy by professionals correctly. In that period, for those who have cancer or those who have been cured of cancer, preventively consume aloe vera, bitter almond and geranium robertanium in that period in appropriate doses, also be careful or consume a healthy diet. For complete protection in the treatment of cancer or in the fight against cancer you need (doctor. Specialist in cancer treatment, nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine and psychiatrist). Whatever happens to you, never give up, fight to the end. Together stronger in the fight against cancer.

Herbal plants in the fight against cancer: Viscum album L, Gentiana Lutea L, Urtica dioica L, Geranium robertanium L, Chelidonum majus, Aloe barbadensis, Bitter almond)

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