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The real teacher is the one who delights in the child - Mrs. Bharati Akaram Ombase

Actually everyone has their own ideas about what an ideal teacher should be….As they say 3 qualities of teacher are hidden in the word teacher.A teacher is a disciplined and forgiving worker.If we see that the image of an ideal teacher is raised after many temptations,every person's first teacher is his mother.A mother teaches Life by giving birth, while a teacher shapes life and creates a well-rounded personality.While moving in the society, it is brainstormed how to be a teacher socially and academically who never leaves one finger of the child to lead the students to the beautiful mountain peak of success and the other finger is towards the mountain peak of success and the achievements available for it. In the situation, he does not only take with him the pile of such educational tools, both natural and man made educationally,but from time to time, he constantly feeds the children with the nectar of knowledge in the pile of knowledge teacher yes…. A person can speak, think, act through thought and create one self through action.someone who will create while creating must always be with us. A person who straightens our crooked steps and show us the four-lane highway of success is always necessary for a person, that is why a teacher gives selflessly knowledge.Teacher ,Guru, sir, master ,Guruji, guide, director,enlightener. There are many opposites whose names are always in engraved in Gold letters on the copper plate on life. He is our teacher, our Guru, our enlightener our guider.For every student his own teacher is the role model teacher is telling the difference between two times two person two things society says live like a tiger who teacher say live like a lion because the king of the Jungle is a lion not a tiger.It is the task of the teacher to keep the fever of ignorance healthy through out life by feeding it with knowledge. A teacher is a gardener who plants the fragrant flowers of success on the vine of labor,a magician who enlivens the inanimate life, a vatadi who quenches the thirst of students with the water of the Gyan Ganga,a teacher forms the backbone of this nation.A child becomes a child and tells the essence of life to the students sometimes because his friend and sometimes becomes his companio.The teacher does educational work fast so that the foundation of the wing needed to fly should be strong and comprehensiv.National work census pulse polio, election duty, weather it is global calamity like covid- 19,the teacher is a social animal who response to the call of administration.The teacher is the teacher who makes you fall and who makes you fall and who makes you fall and who makes you rise.Today, I am very proud as a teacher that despite the terrible crisis of Corona in the world,all the teacher brothers and sister in Maharashtra have continude their education despite the closure of schools. A true ideal teacher is a bone teacher who strives to reach students with fluttering wings.The teacher has many important rolls in the education of student society and the country the development and growth of people society and country depend on the quality of education which is given only by a good teacher.

A teacher who is always thirsty for knowledge always Sees the progress of students good luck.

Happy Teachers

Mrs.Bharati Akaram Ombase

Z.P.School Waghmodewadi, Satara (Maharashtra)

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