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“Role Of Digital Games In Education”

Digital educational games create a new perspective in learning culture. Digital educational games can enhance children learning, social interactions, higher order thinking, critical ability and memory. Digital games are considered as the most popular technology in children’s entertainment. At the same time digital games can be utilized as learning tools to improve the effectiveness of the learning process at all levels of education. Digital educational games are software applications which combine both the characteristics of video games and those of computer-based games. Digital educational games are considered to be attractive because of their entertaining features in combination with their pleasant environment, their esthetic quality (graphics, effects, music), the existence of a structured framework, their learning goals (also presented as problems demanding solution) and the existence of the gaming dimension (causing also the strong participation of the learner). Digital educational games are based on four main elements which are engagement, autonomy, mastery, and progression. Educational games offer a new perspective toward the culture of learning, which conforms to the habits and interests of learners. Digital educational games are those types of games which encourage the development of logical thinking and the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a pleasant manner. With my students on my lessons I use these geography sites.

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