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Nature gave birth to human life, protected it and gave it physical and creative strength. Contact with nature acts therapeutically on the individual. Therefore, understanding nature, respecting it and loving it must become behaviors on which the very existence of human society and the planet depends.

Learning to protect nature starts simply for children: with the geranium in the window, with the puppy or the cat at home, with the care of a plant, etc. Children's feelings and attitudes towards nature must be respectful and caring, always convinced that people are an integral part of nature and not superior to it.

Respect for the nature that gave birth to us, care for the earth that nourishes us, are moral priorities at all ages. Man by his actions has sometimes caused much suffering to nature.

Taking care of nature, we will have the certainty that future generations will be able to enjoy the murmur of springs, the rustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, the fresh air and forest animals.

From an early age, children must be taught to participate in environmental protection and conservation activities by forming a love for nature by discovering it through direct contact, in which teachers are coordinators.

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