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The KIDS Foundation Successfully held its 1st International Workshop on20 May 2021. Which was Wakelet For Teachers International Workshop.

The Resource Person Georgia Maneta From Greece, who is the ambassador for wakelet has demonstrate us how to create an account on wakelet as well how to integrate it in our regular life. So life will becomes more easy.

She was very flawless during her session and that's why the participant's learned the things easily.

There were more than 100 participants in the live session from more than 20 countries. As well many have viewed the same afterwards through our FB Live archives.

#National_level_coding_workshop was conducted on 25th May 2021 by Kids Foundation.

The workshop was attended by the students, teachers and parents from different states of the country. As well as from the overseas. Demonstrations in this workshop explained how to do block based coding and how to learn coding from the websites to create games, apps and projects.

The next phase of coding workshop will be held for students, parents and teachers who will finish the six courses after this workshop.

#KIDS_Foundation_India will continue to conduct similar workshops for the various skills and innovations of Kids.

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