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Education is the stepping stone for great future. While being a child, a pupil or a student, each of us has always great dreams to become not only a great specialist in his field but also be a person with developed critical thinking and experienced skills. Nowadays the technology has improved and new modern technological platforms allow to plan and conduct lessons through different platforms. These projects give a wonderful chance to connect all the educators and students from all over the world.

Teaching is usually led by teachers and educators for future generation every chance is used to make them involved in different projects where they are given every opportunity to express and practice their skills to be a good specialist in the future. A special session dedicated to teacher’s Day was led by 10 student-teachers from different countries. As student-teacher Revielie from Philippines mentions “as a future educator it was my dream to have a real chance to teach”. Abhishek from India is sure that playing the role of the teacher made all teachers enjoy the day, become excited. These meetings gave a chance all the educators to go back and as Shreya from India adds feel like a student for a short moment. While discussing the session Fridah from Malaysia represents their psychological exciting feelings as all of them were very nervous and excited on that day. Min Yeon Jae from Korea was describing the whole preparation process with enthusiasm and eagerness, how they were making videos, presentations.

Polish Student-teacher Wiktoria compares their efforts and the admirable results of the projects: it was hard but fun and pleasant. Shameera from Philippines remembers that the preparations were a week-long preparation to work out all important keynotes for the session beginning from their words to their dress code being as a bona fide teacher.

Zaven from Armenia was very proud of being instead of hero teacher who always tries to give all he has for his students. During the Anahit from Armenia tried to wake up their inner asset to have a positive discussion. Gor sums up the whole session discussion offering the solution they have faced while preparing, which can be solved through a team work. Teaching has made each person believe in their dreams and do their best to achieve them. This opportunity has become true thank to Global Quarantine project leader Armen Kassabyan.

A great thank to podcast leader Bryant Atencia, Taruna Kapoor and all Global project educators and students.

Student Teachers and

Coauthors :

Abhishek Chaudhary (India),

Yeon Jae Min (Korea),

Gor Aghamiryan (Armenia), Shameera Jaafar (Philippines), Shreya Sharma (India),

Fridah Ashley R. Lajot (Malaysia), Zaven Zargaryan (Armenia),

Revielie Elbo (Philippines),

Anahit Asatryan (Armenia),

Wiktoria Patrycia Wilinska (Poland).

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