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Nature health in schools with the use of modern phytomedicine, student success is inevitable ”

Modern phytomedicine is research herbal medicine. At the same time, if these herbs are used daily, for different conditions, can we help ourselves for a longer period, ie to positively affect the immunity and the overall good general health of the organism in the long run?

When you are treated with phytomedical preparations you should be patient, because their action is slower, but better, what is easily gained and lost, what lasts for a long time becomes an integral part of our resistance and endurance. Medicinal plants can be used for all health problems, and depending on the stage and severity of the disease, it depends on what effect you will achieve. With their proper, continuous use in the body you bring essential substances for your health (essential oils, vitamins, natural antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes, etc.) strengthen your body, become more resistant, improve metabolic processes, remove harmful substances from organism and there is no deficiency of the most necessary substances.

Is there a danger of oversaturation of the body with some ingredients of herbs and the possibility of a negative reaction?

- There is no danger from medicinal plants if they are used properly. There may be an adverse reaction if you are taking them at the same time as the medication, if you are taking a poisonous herb, or if you are taking the wrong herbs for a doctor-prescribed diagnosis. Medicinal plants are safe and can be consumed by anyone depending on age and whether the body suffers from a health disease. My advice is just to take in consultation with professionals, because otherwise the real benefit will not be achieved. Overeating can lead to nausea, vomiting in extreme cases if a poisonous plant is consumed, and death.

On the one hand, we are all aware that nature is the best, that we have the most

beautiful and graceful gifts from nature, but on the other hand, when a disease or condition occurs, we all resort to chemicals, which solve the problem faster. How can we change that attitude?

- In order to use nature more, we need a change of consciousness and frequent education of the population from the youngest to the oldest. People living in rural areas first resort to natural remedies, unlike those living in downtown areas. With the use of phytomedicine, success in patients is inevitable. Of course only with responsible patients, because the treatment with modern phytomedicine is thorough, gradual and not simple, there is a system, a program with different diagnoses, the approach is different. Because we live in a very stressful environment and a very stressful society, my advice is, people should first change their attitude towards stress, which is the biggest cause of diseases, to apply modern phytomedicine at least 2-3 times a week, to be more active, to drink more fluids and relax with some meditation techniques.

Children are the most tender in terms of health. We are taught from an early age that hot tea is good if we are sick and have a cold. Today, mothers are constantly looking for various preparations for better immunity. Can they rely on phytomedicine and what do you recommend especially in this period of cold days and temperature changes?

- Of course they can rely on modern phytomedicine, which can help children a lot. In the period of flu, colds, viruses, the best thing that children can consume are teas to strengthen their immunity and for their good general psycho-physical health. For better immunity in this period I suggest to consume: mountain tea, thyme, echinacea, nettle, chamomile, lemon, orange, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, chokeberry and others. Certainly in combination with phytonutrients. And for colds I recommend: butterbur, eucalyptus, wild garlic, elderberry, basil, marshmallow, chamomile, sage, yarrow, lemon balm, mint, turmeric, ginger, spruce, pomegranate and more.

Is there an increased interest among people to use natural preparations for better immunity and health protection in this period of world pandemic?

- Despite everything that happened with the pandemic, people return to nature more and more every day and use its benefits. Natural preparations for better immunity and protection of our health are the most sought after and the market interest in Macedonia and other European and world countries has increased.

Teachers further educate students and usually know how to go out in nature and collect herbs. How dangerous do you think this is (to some extent) given the fact that different parts of different plants are used for different purposes?

- If they know something about their healing properties it is not dangerous. But they should be careful because there are similar medicinal plants, do not make the mistake of collecting poison, which can be fatal to their health. The herbal plants that surround us at every step and that we often pass by without noticing them, in many cases can be crucial and free us from seemingly incurable diseases. But I often point out - if you are not sure do not collect them, and also to collect medicinal plants from any mountain, leave 20 percent of the area with herbs, do not collect them all, so that there is reproduction and as many medicinal plants as possible.

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