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I once wondered what if I was just

A maybe or a second thought;

What if I wasn’t understood?

But then, a sweet secret angel appeared,

It felt like she lifted me……

She made me realize my map is my map.

The prople’s maps are their.

I was not a maybe for anyone;

I wasn’t a second thought!

I was a ‘lucky find.’

She provoke the rebel inside me for good;

She weaved the gap between me and the ‘overthinker’ me,

She burst open the bottle of my talents……

She was the cause I god rid of all those ‘what ifs.’

She brought out the light in the sub conscious ‘me’

Yeah, no I respectfully say;

It doesn’t matter what others think……

Because even the cosmos cant break me!

My map is mine, your map is yours.

I just faded the line between fate and fiction.

I am not a maybe buddy.

I am resilient born to be brilliant!

The angel remains a secret;

Cause I’m not telling you she’s my treasure.

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