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Love without borders - Vaggelis Kanidis

Unfortunately, every year thousands of children are being devastated both emotionally and physically by the destructive consequences of war. As a group of students of the 1st High school of Orestiada, we wanted to raise everyone's awareness on this issue, since we believe that nobody could and should look past these gruesome events take place on a daily basis. The message we want to spread is clear; stop war. There is no absolute reason for people to be tortured, while others simply don't care about their state of health and they only intend to make themselves wealthier. What is more, war also happens to initiate racial discriminations at the expense of certain groups of people such as immigrants. Noone should be treated like this, as everyone is equal on this planet, no matter which his financial state is. The reason I believe that is because racism not only could take the form of physical violence, but it also could lead to tons of different kinds of mental disorders and diseases. So, for the planets sake, we beg you, STOP War!

-Vaggelis Kanidis, Junior high School, Orestiada, Greece

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