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Little Wonders

Welcome to the world of smallest creatures. Yes, our friends and sometimes our foes too. None other than our little wonders - microorganisms.

Do you know what these are?

Microorganisms are those organisms which are of micro (smallest) size and we can’t see them with our naked eyes. It means they are visible using microscope. But there are some who are visible to us like mushrooms or other fungi.

So, microorganisms include good and bad bacteria, fungi and deadly viruses (like our new Corona Virus).

If you see your palms you can’t see anything but yes, this palm of ours have 1500-2000 bacteria and our whole-body skin have around 1.5 trillion bacteria. Hold on! They are useful and harmless to us. Similarly, your gut also has lots of useful bacteria that helps to maintain the environment of your gut healthy.

If you find a canned food like some rasgula and the can pressed from side then stop don’t buy it as it may have deadly bacteria which may cause botulism.

Keep a moist bread in dark and after two days you can see beautiful bread moulds or green coloured fungi growing on it. Mushroom that we love eating on yummy pizza or mushroom curry is also a fungus which is bigger size and can be seen clear

Then comes the very little one yes, the viruses. They are one which have both living and non-living characters funny creatures who are always there to scare you. They are one who are responsible for diseases in your body. Don’t worry u can treat them with antibiotics and anti-viral medications.

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