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“Learning English+ Singing = Everlasting learning and FUN!”

Everybody knows that English is the international language. You can communicate with people all over the world using English. You can make friends, you can travel to different countries and you can make your own country known to others by speaking to them in English. Learning English, as well as any other foreign language, implies that you need to know the structure of the language (Grammar and syntax) as well as words, their meaning and their pronunciation. Sounds boring? Well, maybe it is… But…it has to be done…

Your teacher is always there to help you learn the new foreign language, but there are things that you can do as well, things that can be really both fun and helpful towards learning new things. I keep wondering… Is there anything more pleasant than listening to a song and singing it at the same time? No!

Songs are an amazing way to learn a new language. They combine music, new words, and they are entertaining, which makes learning an unforgettable experience. They can be categorized into two types: The “authentic” ones, songs that are meant for general listening and EFL songs, songs which have been written and composed especially for EFL learners, with catchy music and lyrics meant to introduce new vocabulary.

Why don’t we start our day by singing a happy song to our teacher every morning?? Here it is! Make sure you learn it by heart! It will make your day!

Did you like it?? I am sure you did!!

Let’s go to something else now. This is a song for you to sing, to exercise and to danse! Ready??

Great job kids!! This song has beautiful rhythm and…you learnt some new words!! Let’s play a game to see what you have learnt!

And here is another game for you. Put the lines into the correct order!

I hope you enjoyed yourselves today with me!

Till next time…learn English, sing and…have fun!

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