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Many of us have celebrated Forests’ Day on 21st March. Even more of us have celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June. But how many of us are really aware of what forests have to offer to our planet? How many of us are really conscious of how many forests are in danger?

Let’s start by noting down some things about what forests offer. First of all, they are our planet’s lungs. They help the Earth breathe; they provide oxygen for every living creature. Can anyone think how their life would be if they couldn’t breathe? Simply, there would be no life!

Then, the forests are a living organism themselves. They grow, they expand, they follow the circle of life. Young trees grow tall, they grow strong, they stand proud for many years and then they fall down, back on the earth, to feed the soil with their ingredients.

But a forest is not only made up by trees. There are so many animals, from small insects to big mammals that find shelter in them and form their communities among the trees and the plants. They find food to feed their young, they live free and are part of a chain that needs all its pieces in order to be durable.

Having stressed the importance of forests, the need to let the younger citizens of our planet know more about them, led us to take part in an eTwinning project titled «FORESTS=FOR EARTH’S TREES #eTw4Future». It is a European project, based on collaboration and enhancing students’ creativity. The main aim of the project is to promote ESE: Environmental and Sustainability Education. The students, working collaboratively, exchange ideas, discuss and take part in a decision-making process, resulting in their being active and responsible future citizens.

Through the project, students and teachers from 25 different schools from Greece (13), Turkey (7), Italy (2), Hungary (1), Croatia (1), Georgia (1) worked together and created e-books, wrote stories, carried out research and became more aware of the ways they can help our planet.

You can find some of the products of their work in the following links:

· Video about our project:

· Collaborative stories:

1. Three Friends Save the Forest

2. Planet ETWIGG-23 -

· Research on forests

We hope you like our work and it helps you realize that little by little, no matter how young or old we are, we can all help our planet, we can all help our forests, we can all work together for a better future!

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