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Cultivating Global Collaboration in Education

“What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school but a different way of looking at the world and learning "

We at Ramagya School Dadri believe that it is essential in today's world, that the children participate ,in global classroom, as the exposure that a child gets from participating in a global class changes his pattern of thinking ,he looks at the whole world as one big family ,as is said -"Vasudeva Kutumbakam" he puts it into real practice. There have been many sessions, with other countries, and the follow-up . This certainly makes a child learn about a subject ,a topic more, it increases knowledge , capacity and confidence . IT also helps children to know and learn about the cultures of other countries.

Recently we had a session with UK and Brazil which were based on" climate change ".The children had made some projects, like a water filter, they had made many other posters, which depicted the condition of the Earth today ,due to pollution and discussed how we could make things better, for our only planet Earth.

Children from Ramagya School Dadri, talked about the "March" they had carried out,

to educate the neighbours, to shun the use of plastics . They even made cloth bags from old vests and shirts , to replace plastic bags . They performed a street play to educate the neighbourhood

,The children from the UK discussed the same through animation.

The children have had many sessions with the foreign countries like- UK ,Brazil ,Greece Croatia to name just a few .

The children planted trees ,each class was allotted one patch of land and the best patch was awarded .

The effigy of "Ravana" the antagonist of "Ramayana "an Indian epic, is burnt every year on Dusshera to represent the victory of good over evil .

We tied plastic bottles on the Ravana ,to depict ,that even the plastic bottles represent evil and we have to shun it .The children had joint session with Japan ,where a topic is taken and a discussion is carried out, this enables the flow of ideas within the classroom.

Many models are created by the children, on climate change, not only this, but each and every festival has its own significance. "Gandhi jayanti"the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi ,Dussehra etc. Is taken up, special Assemblies are carried out, so that ,the children can think- beyond that curriculum. We have the children ,participating, in various activities like art, debate ,poster making and this enhances, our knowledge and skills . Zoom session ,was held between Turkey, Pakistan, Japan and India with the topics discussed by the children were climate change, lack of water, inequality in education, poverty . The PPTs had to be shown ,by the students.

Every group had to give a presentation through PPT .

They also learnt through these classes about the -sustainable development goals . They also learnt that water ,electricity ,and fuel are not going to last forever ,we should conserve water, and find alternate measures to save fossil fuels ,reduce pollution and be active members of the world community ,who think and take action in the positive direction, to save earth.

For the pre primary section, the pink day, or the brown day were observed, when the children wear the same colour clothes, eat something ,which has the same colour, this helps the children to recognise the colour and subjects ,related to it.

Many apps have been downloaded like "Flipgrid " and "padlet "etc ,which are helpful in the teaching learning process. Children post their writings ,pictures and posters made by them ,on these apps.

They say " child is the father of man". what ever a child learns now, he would put into practice tomorrow. Thus we need to educate our children, if we wish to hav if they wish to save the earth our only planet

. Our mission is to establish a world class centre of learning by delivering an educational experience that engages students intellectually ,creatively ,physically ,spiritually and socially ,to Transcend all barriers and work in unison to bring about a positive change in society .we believe in the amalgamation of contemporary education with traditional values.

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