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Collaboration between Romania and India

In 2018 I started working on projects with Asian countries. These international projects had a great significance for our country, Romania and especially for my school.

We are honored to be together on the road to peace, culture, friendship and solidarity.

In an uncertain world, where many countries are still suffering from shortcomings, we are proud to have partner teachers from important schools.

These projects have brought a great benefit to our country among students.

Making these projects, the gates of Europe have been opened so that we can receive true friends and partners from the farthest corners of the world from distant lands, such as India. Within these projects, teachers have mediating roles between schools and the community, between schools in Europe and the school in Asia, as well as the flexibility of teaching methods: art, languages, sciences, play, movement, personal development.

All the activities carried out constituted and achieved the objectives of sustainable development worldwide.

We sought to promote cooperation in the field of education, by: stimulating online communication between educational institutions, schools around the world, especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, we tried to encourage open and distance learning, the development of information exchange, by removing all obstacles In this field of education, highlighting national culture and dowry, sustainable development, we encouraged innovation in the development of practical and teaching materials, including, where appropriate, the use of new technologies, and exploring issues of common interest in educational policies.

The main activities with India were: "Save the Planet", "Water Day", "Culture", "Dances", "National Flower", "International Teacher's Day".

I enjoy this collaboration and will try to make as many connections with schools in India in the future.

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