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CHUNKS ‌ ‌for‌ ‌ FLUENCY‌ - 5

9. Saying thank you and responding to thanks

Thanking someone

We use these words and phrases to say thank you:

· Many thanks.

· Thanks a lot.

· Cheers!

· That's very kind of you.

· Thank you very much.

Responding to thanks

We use these words and phrases to respond when someone thanks us:

· Not at all.

· It's a pleasure. / My pleasure.

· You're welcome.

· Don't mention it.

· Any time.

· That's OK/ all right.

· I'm glad to have been of some help.

10. Recommendations and Suggestions

Making recommendations

We use these words and phrases to recommend something to someone:

· You mustn't miss the...

· You must go to the...

· You've got to... (do)

· You'll love the...

· I would / wouldn't recommend the...

· You definitely would / wouldn't enjoy going to the...

Making suggestions

We use these words and phrases to suggest something to someone:

· Shall I/we.. (do)?

· Let's.. (do).

· Why don't I / we... (do)?

· How about.. (doing)?

· What about.. (doing)?

· I think we should... (do).

· I suggest that we... (do).

· It might be a good idea if we /you... (do).

· I think the best way of dealing with this situation would be to... (do).

· If you ask me, I think

· we /you should... (do). We could...

Rejecting a suggestion

We use these words and phrases to politely reject a suggestion made by someone else:

· Yes, but wouldn't it be better to... (do)?

· That's a good idea, but. (do).

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