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Cap’s  Friend

Five year’s Amey was very happy that day, as his mother Rucha promised him to take for a haircut and that also on a Scooty scooter. He finished his morning breakfast and was happily playing in the home. He had made the scooter of his folding hands and was moving from one room to another. Since so many days he didn’t step out due to Corona. He was still thinking Corona is one notorious person and is giving lots of trouble to people, that’s why they are staying inside the home.

He turned his hand-scooter inside Ajooba’s room. Ajooba (grandfather) was busy reading a newspaper. As soon as he reached near Ajooba, he told him that he is going for a haircut with his mother. Ajooba was busy reading a newspaper, but still he heard what Amey was saying. As Amey was about to step out of the room with his moving hand scooter, Ajooba asked him to stop. He took out one white colour cap from his almirah and gave it to Amey and asked him to use it when he goes outside. As soon as Amey held the cap, his face started shining with the utter happiness.

The gift was so precious for him. He liked the cap so much that he immediately put it on his head and went to see himself in the mirror. He was standing in front of the mirror for a long time and was enjoying his new look. He loved the cap so much that he started talking to her. “Where were you for such a long time”, “Why didn’t you come earlier? ”Amey was asking such questions to the Cap. The caring touch of the small hand of Amey was great for the cap. It had got someone of her own. who was caring for her, talking to her and just happy about her whole existence. The Cap was very happy while sitting on his head. She too had liked the new look of Amey.

As soon as Rucha pressed the start button of the scooter, Amey came in the front. Amey was used to with this short distance ride on scooter within their locality. They soon reached the hair salon shop in the shopping complex. Rucha removed the cap of Amey and hold it in her hand. Amey sat on the chair. There was a huge mirror in front and at back of him. The hair salon person sanitised all the haircut instruments and threw a water spray on his hair. It was lovely for Amey. The Cap was sitting quietly in the hands of Rucha, she was observing all the activities. Soon, Amey got a haircut and he was looking different. The salon uncle removed the apron and bushed him neatly. Amey was ready now to go home and the cap was waiting to sit on his head.

Rucha was clearing the payment, and Amey was busy in watching the various things of the shop. Rucha held his hand and came out of the salon. Amey was busy in asking different questions to Rucha and she too was busy in answering every question asked by Amey. The Cap too was enjoying the conversation between. Soon the Cap found herself on the shopping complex floor. She didn’t know when she fell from the hand of Rucha. She was now hearing the very low and far going voice of Amey and Rucha. She wanted to shout and stopped them from further going. But she was voiceless.

The white cap was laying on the dusty steps of the shopping complex. She was unable to hear the sounds of Amey and Rucha. Now she could only hear the sounds of vehicles. She was scared now. The safe and caring touch of Amey was nowhere. She could hear the walking steps of people beside her. “Oh! Someone has lost his cap”, she was hearing such types of words. She wanted to tell them to go and tell Amey that she was laying over there. She started missing Amey's home and family.

Amey and Rucha reached near to their scooter. Amey was ready for second ride and now he needed his cap. But it was nowhere. Amey’s face was terrific now. Rucha gave him a promise to find her out. She asked the hair salon person about the Cap, but it was not there. Finally, Rucha decided to walk back the same road to find the Cap. Amey was searching for her like anything. They started climbing the steps of the shopping complex, and suddenly Amey shouted “…my cap…my cap”. He lifted her up and held her near to his heart and held tightly. The Cap too was hugging him and was able to hear his heartbeats.

The Cap had got her friend back. Her joy knew no bounds. Scooter was speeding and Amey was signing a self-made song, prepared instantly for their reunion. Everything was so marvellous.

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