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AMAZING EDU GADGETS - 5. Kickstarter (EEK) (EEK)

The EEK (Electronics Education Kit) is a kit containing 9 electrical circuit projects that young technologist build using industry components. The kit is designed to prepare young technologists for micro-controller based circuits that can run robotic systems.

The kit will show the builder the following: how to drive a light bulb and how to drive more than one light or LED, how to measure heat and light, how to drive a motor and how to reverse a motor, how to make LED’s and lights blink, how to make sounds, and finally how to make a battery checker. Builders with stronger math skills are encouraged to not only build the circuit but to mathematically analyze the circuit as well. There is an analysis section that will show the builder how to analyze each project.

Nine projects in the kit :

LED’s and Lamps - Builders will use LEDs and lamps in both series and parallel combinations. Builders will learn the differences between LEDs and lamps and how to drive them in circuit. This project will introduce voltage, current, resistance, Ohms's law, and current and voltage division.

Thermistor - Show how a thermistor responds to temperature variations and how temperature can be measured.

Photo interrupter - Demonstrate how a photo interrupter can be used and how the emitter and receiver can be driven by different power supplies.

Electromagnetism - Show how electricity and magnetism interact to create motion.

Motors - How motors use electricity and magnetism to rotary motion.

H-bridge - Demonstrate the use of switches and transistors to reverse the polarity.

555 Timer - Use a 555 timer to generate a square wave of varying frequencies.

Audio - Use a buzzer and speaker to generate sound.

Comparator - Show how to make a battery checker.

The following part are included in the kit:

6 volt lamps (qty. 2)

2 test leads

2 battery holders

2 solderless breadboards

LEDs (assorted)

Resistors (100, 1k, 100k)

1 Phototransistor

1 infrared Emitter

1 DPDT switch

4 transistors

1 magnet

1 push button switch

1 audio buzzer

1 potentiometer

1 comparator (LM311)

10 uF capacitor

555 timer IC

22 gauge wire

30 gauge wire

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