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Touring Around The UK (Part -1)

When hearing the words United Kingdom (or the UK) what comes to your mind? Did you know that the UK consists of four countries? Yes, it consists of England, Scotland, Wales (they are known together as the Great Britain) and Northern Ireland. Despite the fact that it consists of four countries, the UK has one capital city, London, and one flag (known as “Union Jack”) which combines the flags of the separate countries. You can have some more reading about the UK here:

Now, we will take the countries one by one, so that we can learn a few things about them. Ready? First stop….

England -

The capital of England is London. Although river Thames is the most famous river because it crosses London, the longest one is the Severn, with 350 km of length. England has also 3 ports, many lakes and lots of hills and plains. The Big Ben, the Red Telephone Booth and the Red Double Decker Bus are considered to be symbols of England, while “Fish and Chips” is the typical English food and the Rose its national flower. Everybody knows that the Queen of England lives in London, at Buckingham Palace, so make sure you visit this great monument. You can virtually visit some more great sights in London here: . However, England does not have only London! It is also worth visiting Oxford and Cambridge (known for their really old universities and amazing buildings), Manchester and Liverpool (if you are football fans), Brighton (for the Palace Pier) or the Ancient Stonehenge. Having said all this, let’s move to our second stop…

Scotland -

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, a city which looks like it got out from the past. Don’t you believe me? Have a look at this video: Although we imagine Scotland as a place full of mountains (Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in both Scotland and the whole UK) and lakes, this is not the case. Scotland has, also, about 790 islands!! The national flower is the thistle and (what a surprise!!) the national animal is…the Unicorn!! Yes, that’s’ right, a fairytale animal which makes us realize the beauty and the mystery of this country. When visiting Scotland, don’t forget to visit the lake Ness (Loch Ness in Scottish-people believed that a monster lived in there) and listen to the Bagpipes, the traditional Scottish musical instrument:

Till next time…keep reading, watching videos and dreaming!

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