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Time to play, it’s up to you!

‘’Too much work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’’ as the proverbs says! But what is too much work nowadays? And has the way we play changed over the years?

Let’s start by explaining the proverb. Its meaning is that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. The exact origins of the phrase remain unclear, though it was recorded as early as 1659. (Source: Wikipedia) Consequently, over the centuries, we can all see the importance of taking some time off from our daily routine, our chores, the things that make up our everyday life.

Most importantly, nowadays we are in the middle of a global transformation. The world is transcending to a new era, where ICT plays a really important role both in our everyday life and in our interpersonal relationships. Children worldwide are facing a new challenge, online learning and social distancing. Adults work from home and world trade has been transferred to our computers.

So, how can we work but still have time to play, time to enjoy ourselves and relax? The key word is moderation. We all have to draw a line between the time spent working in front of our computers and the time we spend on activities we enjoy. It is of major importance not to let the virtual world mix up with the real world. Online teaching and online gaming is a reality that is here to stay- a virtual, complementary reality. However, our friends will always be there for us, regardless the circumstances and the difficulties that may come up. Let’s take our time off to discuss, read a book or listen to music. Let’s walk in nature or just sit on our porch. Let’s support each other and as the proverb says…

‘’this too shall pass’’!

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