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Role of Internet in Education

Internet, the most useful technology of modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives but also in professional lives. For educational purposes, it is widely used to gather information and to do research or add to the knowledge of various subjects.

Internet plays a very vital role in education. It is no doubt that in this modern era everyone prefers Google for their queries, problems or doubts. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. are the topmost choice of people as they offer an easy and instant reach to the vast amount of information in just a few seconds. It contains a wealth of knowledge that can be searched at any time. The internet has introduced improvements in technology, communication, and online entertainment.

Today, it has become more important as well as a powerful tool in the world which is preferred by everyone. Everybody needs internet for some or other purposes. Students need internet to search for information related to exams, curriculum, results, etc. You can also follow these steps for students to achieve success in student life.

Importance of internet in education to the students’ means that it makes easier for them to research things, and relearn the content taught in the school. People use it according to their needs and interests.

There are many benefits of the internet in the field of education. Some of these are:

1. Cost Effective and Affordable Education- One of the largest barriers to education is high cost. The Internet improves the quality of education, which is one of the pillars of sustainable development of a nation. It provides education through Videos (like youtube tutorial videos) and web tutorials which is affordable to everyone and cost-effective.

2. Student – Teacher and Peer Interaction- The internet has allowed students to be in constant touch with their teachers or with other fellow classmates with the help of social media, messaging apps and chat forums. Parents can interact as well as communicate with teachers and school authorities about their kid’s performance in the school. Interaction with the like minded people on forums can help students to explore new ideas and enrich their knowledge.

3. Effective Teaching and Learning Tool

The Internet has become a major tool for effective teaching as well as a learning tool. Teachers can use it as a teaching tool by posting their teaching materials (notes and videos) on school website or forum . The learning process becomes interesting and diverse with the use of tutorial videos and notes. Teachers can teach with the use of animation, power point slides, and images to capture the students’ attention.

4. Easy Access to Quality Education-

Students can easily access quality education materials like tutorial videos on you tube for free or pay fees online for more quality study materials.

Teachers can also make use of the internet by proving the students with extra study material and resources such as interactive lessons, educational quiz as well as tutorials. Teachers can record their lectures and provide it to the students for revisions which is better than reading from notes.

5. Interaction with Digital Media- Regular use of digital media is one of the most basic parts of our lives. Digital bulletin boards save paper, allow displaying of videos and audios to attract the attention of students. Nowadays, there are many paid sites which provide education resources which are rich in quality and easily understandable to masses.

6. Keeping you updated with Latest Information- Information is the biggest advantage which the internet is offering. There is a huge amount of information available for every subject. It keeps us up to date with the latest information regarding the subjects in which we are interested.

7. Learning with Multimedia- It helps the students with the learning process as it helps to simplify the knowledge. Also, it helps to visualize what is being taught by the teachers in school. If you want to prepare for final exams, you can access Video Tutorials and other resources online through the Internet.

The Internet is a boon to the people, which is used all over the world. Hence, it should be used for good purpose. It has had a great impact on imparting education to the children. If this is used in appropriate ways that meet children’s development level, they can benefit and learn from the Internet.

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