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Remember Me - I am Alzheimer

Let me introduce you to me. I am Alzheimer, people also know me by senile dementia, presenile dementia and disease of forgetfulness. I have a tendency to affect your brain, shrink it and make your brain cells die.

I am a neurological disorder. Usually there is an abnormal amount of accumulation of proteins such as amyloid and tau in the brain leading to my entry in your life. Approximately 1 in 9 people in the age group of 65+ are affected by me. As the person grows older and older, the tendency of my occurrence increases more. As compared to men I generally affect more women as the survival rate is higher in females. I usually control the thoughts, memory and language of an individual. I create a lot of

confusion in one's life, I make them forget about your beloved ones. You can't concentrate if I am around. Your maths solving brain also sleeps. I know you become aggressive, and can't care about self creating stress for others too. Your personality changes and you are lost in my world of forgetfulness.

Since your mood changes now and then you become lonely, hallucinated and depressed. Even as I progress you are not able to coordinate with your muscles feeling short of words with jumbled speech and you even lose interest in eating food. Dear friends I can't be treated but yes there are medicines which when timely started can help u to get some issues resolved with temporary solutions. These medications may help you to relieve stress, handle mood swings and lower your blood pressure. Other than medicines you need to take a good diet and exercise daily. This will help to keep your heart healthy, and muscles and joints will be more active. If you want that I must not enter your life then eat healthy food, do regular exercise, avoid bad habits and always keep your brain engaged in something innovative and creative. Remember that if I have entered the life of your loved ones it doesn't mean that you leave them or don't treat them medically. They need your utmost care to live the remaining part of their life. Treat them just like they used to treat you when you were not knowing yourself at the tender age of 2- 3 years. At an older age they became younger to you. Give them all love, support and care. Hey friends, celebrate my birthday on 21st september as World Alzheimer Day. I will never visit you if you take care of yourself. Remember me- I am Alzheimer, Thank you for hearing me.

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