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Know About Coronavirus

Classification of


Kingdom- Orthornavirae

Phylum- Pisuviricota

Class- Pisoniviricetes

Order- Nidovirales

Family- Coronaviridae

Genus- Alphacoronavirus/ Betacoronavirus/Gammacoronavirus/Deltacoronavirus

Structure of Coronavirus

· Spherical and enveloped with diameter of 120nm.

· Single stranded RNA with 26 to 32kb.

Spikes proteins present on surface of virus forming crown hence it is names as CORONA.

Origin of Coronavirus

The virus was given the name by Coronavirus by June Almeida and David Tyrrell.

Bats, Birds and Rodents are the natural reservoirs of this virus.

The human coronavirus was first discovered in 2003 names SARS-CoV in China which caused severe acute respiratory syndrome affecting both upper and lower respiratory tract.

Total 7 species of corona virus are known out of which 4 shows mild and 3 shows severe symptoms leading to death.

Three Potential Coronavirus

· MERS-CoV- It is known as middle east respiratory syndrome related corona virus. It caused outbreak in 2012, 2015 and 2018 leading to 858 deaths.

· SARS-CoV- It is known as severe acute respiratory syndrome related coronavirus. It caused outbreaks in 2002-2004 leading to 774 deaths.

SARS-CoV 2- Its is known as severe acute respiratory syndrome related to coronavirus strain 2. It caused outbreaks in 2019 leading to 2,485,386 deaths which is still going on.

Symptoms of Covid 19

· Mild symptoms include- Body Ache, sore throats, fever, dry cough, tiredness,

· headache, rash on skin, loss of taste and smell.

Serious symptoms include- Breathing difficulty, chest pain or pressure, low oxygen levels, loss of speech, loss of movement.

It takes 5 to 6 days to show symptoms when infected however the time may vary to 14 days too.

Prevention and Cure

Prevention is better than cure. Keep a safe distance of 1 meter, wear mask while going in public places, wash hands for 20 seconds or use sanitizer, cough or sneeze by keeping your elbow around. Most important avoid moving in public places unless necessary. Vaccine is developed but it will take time to cope in you body unless you take all the three doses of vaccine.

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