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Examples of good practices - Students of hotel and tourism - Jelena Kovačević

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

My name is Jelena Kovačević, I work at a vocational high school in Croatia, the School of Economics Požega where I teach English as a foreign language. Our school is the only business secondary school in the region and teaches and trains students in the areas of economics, commerce, hotel and tourism industry, administrative officers and sales.

Here I would like to present what I did with my students from the department of hotel and tourism and how they learnt about jobs in tourism, practiced hotel dialogues, wrote business letters, created hotel brochures but also learnt about, and used various ICT.

The lesson started with matching the jobs in tourism with the responsibilities and students also needed to answer several questions about the job they would like to get in the future.

For this task I prepared a worksheet in Liveworksheets.

Students then created posters in Canva about the jobs in the

tourism industry following the given instructions.

Then they uploaded their work and/or arranged the pages in Book Creator to create a joint book.

Students were then presented with a check-in dialogue example and they had to organise the sentences in Learning Apps.

Afterwards they were offered dialogue cards and they roleplayed check-in conversations in their classrooms (unfortunately, I do not have the recordings).

After the check-in, the Ss watched a video and talked about hotel complaints and the best ways to deal with the guests’ complaints in a polite and efficient manner.

They were divided into pairs and given dialogue cards. They needed to record their dialogues. I presented and offered several ICT. They used MS Teams, Plotagon and Inshot.

Then they uploaded their recordings onto the Pearlesstrees platform.

Then it was time to address hotel correspondence. Having learnt the rules of writing business letters, the students wrote their replies and posted them in Padlet.

Finally, students created hotel brochures using MS Publisher, Canva or PowerPoint and presented their hotels in the classroom.

They uploaded their brochures on Padlet.

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