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EdTech in 2030

Technology in 2030 will play a critical role in education as well as in tech learning processes. It will be focused on information processing, decision making as well as learning. It will help students have a more comprehensive learning experience.

AI and Robotics: The future of employment

The percentage of jobs requiring AI skills has grown four times since 2013, by 2030 all industries will use AI and robotics especially in the field of marketing and sales. Customer service is a big user of AI technology such as chatbots, product selection and customer classification/routing. That means that traditional jobs in these fields, such as customer service, may disappear.

Mobile-only users will shape learning models

Mobile devices are already a big part of our lives and this connectivity will certainly shape how learning happens in the classroom. By 2030 half the world’s youth will live in countries with a mobile-first internet connection. Face to face learning will probably be the old way of learning and thus new ways of transferring knowledge through mobile devices will be adopted by teachers and institutions.

Learning management systems in the future

Learning management systems dominate online environments in every field of education. However, newer technologies with a focus on interaction rather than file management will take over in the future. But, the most important thing is that the learning management system objective is and will stay the same: to make sure everyone in the education field is working towards a better future and all this with the help of technology. Educational technology is not only a simple upgrade into the educational world but a key to better collaboration in education and thus a better future for us and our children

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