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To be chosen to teach in a school would require that the teacher has discipline in the specific subject. But is that enough for a teaching position in an under-tertiary education? Frequent practice in the Nepal education indicates that there is still nothing obligatory requirement for any pedagogical qualifications for prospective school teachers of English. They are applied on the basis of their subject knowledge but not a thought given to their teaching skills. This invalidates that what experts recommend: the teachers not only be academic in their subject but also all of tutors

have to know the following parameters to make instructional

education very effective:

1. Whom to teach?

2. Who to teach?

3. What to teach?

4. Where to teach?

5. How teach to?


This uneasiness runs deep in the Nepalese education system. That origin is known as English medium schools after years of teaching and learning the language, is left struggling with a lifelong sense of impairment with regard to their English language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. While all teachers in recognized schools must have scholar in education [B.ed], most

language teachers go into schools more equipped to teach content base than transfer skills of the language of their learners.

This failure very objective of

education is not to base education in vocational basis courses of the study. English language is known as an official language in

Nepal. Not only that but also it is considered as second language

in the context of Nepal. That’s why people are in Nepal this

language taken as very uncomfortable in the case learning. As a result, the status of English is in Nepal nary good scope and its

application till now. Beside not to be good space of English is in

Nepal that untrained teachers and full of trained and outstanding as well as considerable teachers are not used to teaching in Nepal. However, here is not needed to worry about nary good space of international language because Nepalese are also very interested in the global market and doing something as developed countries,

hence there are also moving on taking the help of English at present. Similarly, skilled full teachers are also producing in the Nepal consequently. In this way, the English teachers especially are from school level also being aware of teaching and doing their best in the field of their mistakes with great realization.

This in turn creations amazement in language is. It has pointed here to personify aspirations for a good life. Most of the people in Nepal just say that English speakers can be billionaire in the world. Not only that, all of us believe on name, fame and prestige on it. A case in point, most of the population of country are used to living in the rural area from the very past. There is nothing good condition of education. Even today among places of Nepal’s schools are moving on without convenient of teaching materials. Even they have surrounding low cost or non cost materials they don’t use due to not have an experience.

At least urban areas are advanced in everything; where is the status of English teachers

and teaching style; are good somehow than local. One thing is that if we are all from an educated people; actively do moving to

improve it in teaching field. Our country development isn’t far

away from being advanced and the teachers’ status is in the

schools also. In this way, we can damn sure that English teachers

are from an under-tertiary can gradually develop. One day this

status will come true also. Says no labor hard, no dedicate on

work and no passion with something and someone; they cannot

do their best. So teachers are actually the best guider, world best

person and ever active person; thus there is no doubt not to be

developed schools level teachers gradually at all.

The problem:

The situation of under colleges is not good yet. From the

commencement, learners are never got a golden chance to

compete with English subject. The foundation of learning in life

as formally is considered as Montessori in Nepal. There is also

not practical education. How can we predict then English status

to be best upcoming days? We can guess ourselves it’s not

impossible but it may afford long time. Despite school level

English teachers are trying their best in unlearned previous

methodologies. There has very little by the ways of outcomes in

language acquisition. On the next, pedagogical inputs are not

actively applying in the classrooms. Due to lack of well plans and

policies at the first and no effective application of are issued at

the present. Another is nothing value and has easily accepted as

well as accessed in our society. This is also blockage in education not to be good of English.

Strategies for effective teaching of skills are also keeping as only to accomplish the prescribed syllabus and to prepare for the ending and to complete summative evaluation. There are very little communicative components in examinations. Therefore; there is a little testing skill. Such content base teaching is not effective in as so far as learners acquiring the language concerned.

The Conclusion:

There is an urgent need for English language teaching association

to train for untrained and previously nothing learned skills

teachers. In other word, if untrained teachers can get a chance to

become trained, as a result they may good on it at all. Not only

that but also teachers can be good at competence and


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