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Automatic Waste Disposal in Train

The idea of ​​the innovation that we created was actually suggested by the Mr. Gaurav B. Dudhbaware sir{My teacher}. Sir always used to travel in the train. He always see passengers throw the garbage out of the window or in the train. Because of this garbage level increase day by day. This garbage causes many diseases and other problems.

—He told this idea of ​​disposing of this waste to me i.e. Yash Bhalchandra Petkar. I thought about it and I came up with the idea of ​​conveyor belt and designed it to make this idea a reality. I read a few books to learn coding. I read “Arduino: A beginner`s guide by Udayakumar G. kulkarni”. From these I learn how to code Aurduino. Then for innovation I code to aurdino, ir sensor, ultrasonic sensor and design the innovation and create this model. In this way we made “Automatic waste disposal In Train.

—The Hon'ble Narsingh Jadhav our principal and the organization of Rangalal Kejdiwal Junior College fully help us in preparing this model and also paid the full cost of this model.

—The complete information of this model is given in PPT.


--1.Railways never had a mechanism to access or to control the level of expenditure for maintaining the level if cleanliness on station or in train.

2.Due to the increasing level of garbage found at the stations in slum areas many Diseases are spread like dengue, malaria , corona, etc.

3.Passengers usually prefer to throw the waste either through the window or they put it in the coach.

4. To overcome such a problem we will install such a device inside the train to collect garbage automatically

5.We will develop a automatic waste disposal device that takes away garbage directly to the dustbin .

The passenger has to put the garbage in the device ( conveyor belt) which is placed under the seats.

Description of

Invention :

1.We will install our system under the seats or any place in the train as per requirement.

2.At one end of conveyor belt (Is used to transport garbage from passengers to dustbin)the motor and IR sensor or ultrasonic sensor will be installed and at the other end of conveyor belt we will fix a dustbin .

3.IR sensor will emit infrared rays if any garbage come in path of conveyor belt it will act as an obstacle when the infrared waves will collide with the object and get reflected back. The rays will receive by the receiver of IR sensor and the circuit will get completed and current will start flowing in the motor

4. As motor is connected to Conveyor belt then it will start rotating and the garbage on the surface of conveyor belt, it will drop the garbage inside the smart dustbin.

5. Ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the level of garbage in the dustbin. If garbage level is increased by a certain limit then the ultrasonic sensor will track the amount of garbage it sends signal to arduino and its connected to Wi-Fi module. The module will send message to cleaner a and also red light will glow outside the dustbin

Advantage :

1.There will be a proper management of waste disposal in train.

2.Cleanliness level will improve and the harmful effect of garbage get decreased.

3.Our Technology will consume very less amount of electricity.

4.Our system reduces man power and require less energy .

5.Our technology will promote India towards development.

6.We can make an application to rotate a conveyor belt automatically in future.

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