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Anuj Lonkar : Innovator of Mini Portable Fridge personality...

Hello , myself Anuj Navanath Lonkar studying in std. 6th in SNBP school and jr. college , Morwadi Pimpri , Pune - Maharashtra . My parents native place is a rural area where there is a regular load shedding . While I was exploring my village I saw that the doctors in that area were not able to store medicines and injections which need low temperature due to load shedding . Also i observed that my uncle was unable to carry his injection for far distance as the injection needed low temperature.

To overcome these problems I thought of making a mini refrigerator which would be portable and worked on a battery. I started working on my idea for about six months and throughout my research I came across peltier effect . It took almost two months to collect the appropriate materials for my project . I made a framework of my project and studied it . I used a peltier module , temperature controller module , heat sink , acrylic sheets , fans , etc.

My project works on the Peltier effect . When electricity is passed through the peltier module , one side of the peltier gets cool while the other side gets hot.

I participated in the district level , Inspire Award Manak Science Exhibition and got selected for state level . It was a great experience and further I got selected for Inspire Awards National Level Exhibition And Project Competition .

My mini portable fridge received the National Inspire Award Manak in 2019 at IIT Delhi by the Ministry Of Science And Technology ( Government Of India ) and National Innovation Foundation ( Government Of India). It was really a happy moment .

I was officially invited for the prestigious festival of Innovation And Entrepreneurship . There I got an opportunity to meet our honourable President Shri . Ram Nath Ji Kovind . He honoured and praised my innovation at Festival Of Innovation And Entrepreneurship 2019 at NIF , Rambharti , Gandhinagar , Gujrat .

I was also invited for a workshop at IISC , Bangalore and exhibition at Agastya Foundation , Kuppam , Andhra Pradesh. Many professors and innovators appreciated my innovation. I was also selected for the Sakura program which will be held in Japan.

The aim of my project is to help in transportation of special medicines and injections which need particular (low) temperature . My mini fridge is also used to carry cold drinks , eatables , etc. It is eco-friendly and has no harm to the environment. It saves electricity. It can also be used at railway stations or any other public spaces. It is cost effective , hence affordable for poor people. It is portable and takes less space .

My ambition is to make my mini portable fridge cheapest and available for needy people.


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