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A Magical Intercultural Friendship Network - Vedrana Šarec

During the school year 2020/2021. students of my vocational school participated in the project Magic Intercultural Friendship Network in 4 modules where we did one task every 2 weeks, a total of 7 tasks. One completed task would be followed by a zoom meeting in the Balkan Classroom with other colleagues and students who participated in the project. due to a pandemic situation that affected the whole world, some deadlines were extended due to online teaching and difficulties with completing tasks. We started operations in December 2020 and finished on May 31, 2021. There is also an official Facebook page of the project where all of us participants set our tasks and we could see what others were doing. Primary and secondary school students were included. The name of the first task was Digital Communication Etiquette, the second: Bank of Innovative Peer Lessons, the third: Leaders of Kindness and Love, the Fourth: Hidden Message Hunters, the fifth and sixth: My Digital Imprint, and the seventh: Choose Words - Hate Prevent! Number of countries involved in the project: Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Montenegro, India and Romania. I was also the national coordinator for Croatia on the mentioned project and I can say a very nice experience both for me and for my students who participated in the execution of the assigned tasks. Project founder are Željana Radojičić Lukić, teacher from Serbia,

Project Associates:

Sandra Grujevska, teacher from Macedonia, Jasmina Stojkovic, teacher from Serbia,

Project Coordinators:

· Sandra Grujevska, Coordinator for teachers in English-speaking and other areas outside of former Yugoslavia

· Cornelia Bataus, Teacher from Romania

· Candan Kibul, Teacher from Turkey

· Alka Singh ,Teacher from India

Link on Project group on FB:

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