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A Dream Came True !


Last month, together with my colleague Mentor Kovaci from Albania and my collaborator Swapnil Vairagade from India, I initiated the International Cultural Passport project. After the discussions I had with my partners, we established the project objectives and the implementation plan.

Of course, many of my friends were delighted with the idea of ​​becoming partners in an international project. So, an idea that until yesterday was just a dream now has become a reality!

On February 20, I organized an online session within the project, and the theme was "Let's tell a story about my country". In this session we were able to travel virtually to Georgia,and to discover how beautiful country it is, with the help of our partner Mari Kharitonashvili and her wonderful students. After that Georgia Maneta invited us to visit the beautiful Greece, and Taruna Kapoor introduced us to the colorful world of India. We finally reached the beautiful lands of Palestine, with the help of our partners Shawqia Hawawre, ILham Younis Rabaya and Munther Mohammad Zyoud.

56 people, teachers and students from the partner countries were present in this meeting. Everyone was delighted by the cultural and social diversity, from one country to another. We all learned new things and visited 4 countries with just one click.

It is nice that teachers and students from across the world become real ambassadors of tourist values.

Our project, INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL PASSPORT, aims to acquaint students with the tourist sites of the area where they live and the types of tourism that can be developed. Types of coastal, river, lake, mountain tourism, current status and future of tourism.

Assessing the opportunities that all the countries has for the development of tourism, recognizing the tourist places and considering it as the basis of economic development of our country.

Understands the concept of "natural tourism potential" Conceives historical, cultural tourism potentials.

Describes the current state of tourism in the country where they live.

Analyzes the factors that have stopped at the current levels of tourism in our country.

Argues the return of tourism as a priority branch of economic development.

Acquires communication and cooperation skills.

Solve other previously unknown problem situations.

Cooperation between Schools for a better future of tourism in our countries.

The project will run for a period of 12 months, and includes 34 teachers from 12 countries. The following activities will take place in the coming months, as follows:

I can't wait to see the other activities we will carry out in this project in the coming months! I am convinced that I will learn many new and interesting things during this project!

March: “Our heroes and monuments

April: “Cuisine of my country”

May: “Traditions and culture”

June: “Our natural heritage”

Midterm dissemination in each country

July: “My region, my city”

August: “My school”

September: “Our collaborative work” October: “A day in my life”

November: “Dissemination of the project in each country”

December: “The final conference and distribution of certificates”

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